Royal Flush Gaming - About Us

Welcome to Royal Flush Gaming! I'm Kristopher, and I founded RFG in October of 2022 to merge my passion for gaming with the realm of customization. Throughout my life I have constantly been drawn to characters like DC's Joker and League of Legends Twisted Fate. These characters made me want to infuse similar themes into the essence of my store.

What started off as a simple keycap venture has evolved into offering a diverse selection of customizable products for your workspace. Within the world of PC products, I've observed two distinct personas: those that enjoy acquiring high-quality, renowned brand name products, and enthusiasts who crave the freedom to curate a more personalized setup. While brand name giants undoubtedly offer excellence, they often tether you to predefined configurations. On the contrary, the pursuit of ideal components to personalize your experience can be daunting.

At RFG, our mission is to serve as THE comprehensive destination for anyone aiming to elevate their PC environment. We want to:

  1. Present high-caliber, brand-name products catering to individuals who appreciate the familiarity and quality these brands embody. We recognize that not everyone seeks customization; many find comfort in established names that have stood the test of time.
  2. Provide pre-built and pre-customized options enabling you to personalize your setup without the complexity of full-scale customization. We understand that venturing into personalization can be overwhelming, especially for newcomers. We want to alleviate the apprehension that can accompany building a setup from scratch, while embracing products that align with your needs.
  3. Elevate your customization journey with features like our "Build Your Own Keyboard". We want to offer you the pathway to ultimate customization. Weather you're embarking on a new project or seeking that final piece to bring your vision to life, RFG stands as your definitive resource.

It doesn't matter if you're a brand name enjoyer, or an advocate for personalization, Royal Flush Gaming is dedicated to being your ultimate resource. We are deeply passionate about this community, and our aspiration to cultivate an environment where anyone can discover what resonates with them. Thank you for stopping by and stay tuned as we continue to grow and expand what we offer!